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Affordable Professional Carpet Cleaning in Farmingdale, NY



Your carpets are very beautiful, fairly expensive and cover most of the square footage of your home. They are designed to provide warmth, comfort and a welcoming environment for your family, your friends and especially the children who enjoy playing on the floor. Another thing they do that was not exactly in the sales literature you looked at when buying this product, is the ability to attract and hang on to all sorts of debris that is not the healthiest things to have in your home. This is why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Farmingdale, NY, such as ours should be called to keep them clean.


You can vacuum them on a regular basis and you should. You can use the nicest vacuum cleaner you can find and it still will not remove all of the many contaminants that will enter your home and get into the fibers that make up this floor covering. The reason for this is not because you do not know what you are doing, it is simply a matter of physics. The vast majority of the contaminants that are dangerous to you and your family are simply too small for the vacuum to address. The reasons you need to get a carpet cleaning company involved, on a fairly regular basis, is because the germs, bacteria, allergens and many other elements that can impact everyone's health are in the size range of about five to seven microns. The average vacuum cannot handle anything smaller than about 10 microns- some of them not less than 25 - 50 microns.


This means there are a lot of contaminants that are left in the carpets after you finish each vacuum session. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Farmingdale, NY comes in and repeat the vacuum process and then get down to business getting at those dangerous organisms that are smaller than that. The processes we use bonds with all of this very small particles and make them big even for a vacuum to attract and pull out of your floor.