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Emergency Water Damage in Merrick, NY


Believe it or not, it's smart to have a water damage restoration company on speed dial, because you never know when an emergency will occur, and you need them. Water damage can cause a number of problems such as drain blockage, broken pipes, growth of mold, broken or damaged pipes, leaking appliances, and a whole bunch more. In many cases, people tend to worry of their prized possessions getting ruined with little knowledge that the insides and outsides of their homes can be ruined too. By knowing the type of damage that can be caused during an emergency, you will know just how important it is to have a professional drying company on the scene within minutes.


Because mold can grow pretty quickly after water damage has been done, it is important to have professionals on the team immediately. You need Water Damage in Merrick, NY that can be available 24 hours a day, offers the fastest drying system, deodorizes & disinfects, uses state of the art equipment for the best results, and has proof of past work done. We have the best equipment for finding hidden moisture in your home, because we know that when it's dry, no mold will be able to grow.


The thing with mold is that there are different types, and the key to treating areas infested with it, is to determine the type. One of our certified specialists are able to inspect the areas to decide what type of mold and the best course of action. We can identify the source of the problem, contain the area in an effort to keep it from spreading, remove the mold, and clean & treat the area. Once removed, our professionals can also make recommendations as to other services that might return the area back to its normal state. Give our professional Water Damage in Merrick, NY call today.