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Fast Response Water Damage in Wantagh, NY


Water Damage in Wantagh, NY can be managed, but the response must be swift. The longer water sits the more likely your home or business's structure and contents will suffer permanent damage. This changes a water damage restoration scenario to a water damage repair scenario. Restoration allows you to retain much of the structure but requires professional help to extract and dry out water from all affected areas. Repair usually involves tearing out walls, floors, or some combination, and can be more expensive and disruptive. Our staff have extensive experience in both kinds of responses and will help you make the best decision for your situation.


The first step is to get standing water out. We have submersible pumps and powerful water extractors to help get this job done fast. Our professionals know how to handle the equipment so the work gets done without further harm to your property. Once the water is gone we take moisture readings and set up air movers and dehumidifiers to pull more moisture out. We know this must be done because leaving moist areas s an invitation for mold growth and deterioration of structures. Even carpeting and documents can be dried out with our know-how. The key is getting us on the premises fast.


If drywall or ceilings have crumbled it will be necessary to remove and replace them. This water damage repair is common, and can take place at the same time as we restore other areas by drying them out completely. Carpet padding is typically replaced as well. Floors can be restored in almost all instances, and we also take care of your appliances and electronics if needed. Call us 24 hours a day for Water Damage in Wantagh, NY. We will have your property repaired and restored promptly.