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Great Mold Detection in Baldwin, NY


Mold is part of the environment, and sometimes this can grow within your very home. Mold happens when spores land on wet ground in your home. Mold growth inside the home is not uncommon, but should be properly treated when detected. The key is learning how to identify mold and preventing the issue from getting out of control.


One way to detect mold is looking around the home and checking for any discoloration or peeling. Sometimes, signs of mold won't be as apparent as visual signs. A musty or mildew smell can be the most reliable giveaway that mold is growing in your home. Leaks and past flooding can also cause mold to grow in the most hidden areas. Mold can also trigger allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems.


Mold can cause headaches, memory loss, problems focusing, and other symptoms. Our water damage professionals safely remove the harmful mold from your home. Our professionals carry the right equipment to help extract the hidden water and moisture to prevent future mold growth. Treating the mold yourself can pose dangerous risks to your health as mold can be toxic. If left untreated, mold can destroy your home and worse, destroy your family's health. Our Mold Detection in Baldwin, NY will be there for you.