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Great Water Damage Restoration in Wantagh, NY


Although the news is always full of stories about catastrophic events that cause the need for water damage restoration and repair, the reality is most water damage comes from slow leaks in plumbing or minor issues with roofing and windows. Even though you may not notice the damage caused by these subtle problems, if you do not inspect your home regularly for these issues eventually you will have a huge problem on your hands.


Fall is a great time to look for the signs of water damage with the help of a professional water damage repair and restoration company. We know where to look and what water damage is common in a house in our area. The age of your home also helps inform us as to possible problem areas to evaluate, but we also know water damage does not discriminate, and often occurs in newer and remodeled homes, as well.


The attic area and ceilings and walls in your top story can tell a tale of water that intruded during summer storms or even trace back to ice dams your home may have experienced last winter. Taking care of small leaks and checking for areas where condensation has been a problem can go a long way toward avoiding additional water damage this year. Inspecting the gutters and downspouts is also a good idea as if they are clogged or in disrepair autumn's leaves and storms will simply make matters worse. If your area had some sustained periods of rain during the summer, you may now see that evidenced by seepage into your foundation. Taking care of Water Damage Restoration in Wantagh, NY now will ensure that your basement or crawl space remains mold free into the cooler months.