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Help With Water Damage in Massapequa, NY


For a 24 hour response to your Water Damage in Massapequa, NY in your home, call us! We can help with any of your needs if you've been a victim of a hurricane or flooding. Most of the time, when a home or business is victim to torrential rains, flooding occurs and can damage your floors. Water damage restoration is our specialty. With water damage repairs, we can save your floors!


The signs are on the floors and you will take notice when you see stains. When there is long standing water, then there is going to be water damage. This can even be inside the carpets or rugs you may have. If there are stains, water marks, and discolored grout lines, the signs will be noticeable. Another sign is the spongy feeling under your feet when you walk on it, and also the warped wooden floors are another sign of water damage.


All in all, when your home or business has a case of Water Damage in Massapequa, NY, we can help. If it happens during the night, allow us to help since we are open 24/7. When you discover that water has been standing on your floors, the first thing you should do is get it off by removing it with a sponge or mop in order to prevent more damage to your floors. If there is material on it, get rid of it, especially if it can't be salvaged. For example, the carpet-padding should be removed immediately. Utilize a dehumidifier or a fan to dry anything wet in order to restore the level of flooring you do have. The next thing that can be eliminated from such mess is the mold that may appear. We do remove mold as well. Contact us today so we can help you if you have water damages on your floors.