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Indicators of Water Damage in Bellmore, NY




When the need for water damage repair in the home goes neglected, it can cause many devastating effects that can even impact the very structural integrity of the home itself. Luckily, there are many ways to detect water damage. Some of these indicators may seem subtler than others. However, they all point to the same thing which is that there is Water Damage in Bellmore, NY.


Water damage generally causes the smell of unpleasant odors. This smell is caused by hidden stagnating water within the home. The water stores harmful bacteria that normally grow on a rapid scale under the right conditions. Search for signs of mold growth which appear as fuzzy discolorations in a variety of colors from green, brown, to black. Mold spores that are airborne are microscopic and can settle down in hidden nooks within the structures of the home. Water does the same thing and when moisture meets the mold spores, active mold begins to grow.


Staining on either the ceilings or walls is another indicator of water damage. The stain will appear as blotchy discoloration. It means the water has seeped into the walls as well as the spacing between the levels. The wall boards or ceiling adjacent to the blotchy stain are slowly saturating with moisture. Peeling paint is another indicator. Paint shedding is caused by loose water inside the wall space which makes the drywall saturate. As a result of this, the exterior wall paint begins to lose its adhesive properties. Water Damage in Bellmore, NY may also cause sagging ceilings and walls due to the drywall as well as ceiling materials becoming to saturated with moisture adding additional weight. Slowly over time they begin to deform and then buckle. Some other indicators are an increasing water bill, increasing condensation, and unusual sounds. If you notice these indicators in your home you should seek immediate water damage restoration by a professional.