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Need Professional Mold Detection in Massapequa, NY


Professional Mold Detection in Massapequa, NY from a licensed water damage company, such as ours, is critical in the event of water damage within your home. Mold is a slow, silent, and often overlooked risk from water damage yet it is very dangerous to your home and your health. While we are exposed to countless mold spores throughout the day, most of which are benign and not in quantities to warrant any sort of concern. However, water damage within your home, be it from a leaking roof, hurricane, or cracked pipe, provides the exact type of living environment that more nefarious mold spores need to take hold and spread. Water damage left unchecked can cause mold to quickly spread throughout your home, filling the walls and floor of your home. That mold slowly weakens the materials of your home, resulting in holes, cracked paint, and the need to make drastic -and costly- repairs to your home.


But far worse is the effect that this mold has upon your physical health. Every second of every day, millions of mold spores are released into the air. Unable to be seen or effectively caught by air filters, you and your family will breath in these spores. It is not unusual for small children to develop chronic coughing and rashes due to the presence of mold spores within the air of their home. This mold, too, can cause developmental issues, effecting cognitive processing and even causing chronic neurological impairment.


Professional Mold Detection in Massapequa, NY is essential in the event of any water damage within your home. Even something as seemingly benign as vinyl siding that has come loose or is ill-fitting on the outside of your home can be enough to let in rain and trap moisture, creating a mold breeding ground. Please call us for a professional mold detection if you suspect water damage within your home.