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Professional Mold Detection in Wantagh, NY


If you've experienced water damage within your home, time is of the essence. Even a small amount of water, such as that from a leaking pipe, crack in your roof, or sweating toilet, can cause significant amounts of damage -most of which cannot be seen. But should you look within your walls and floorboards, the truth becomes apparent. Wood and plaster soak up water, causing it to seep into surrounding support beams. While there may not be enough damage to necessitate drastic repairs, that moisture is enough to create the perfect environment for harmful molds to take hold and spread throughout your home. This makes calling a professional water damage company, such as ours, for Mold Detection in Wantagh, NY and intervention so crucial.


Mold caused by water damage within your home, such as black mold, presents a particularly vile hazard for you. Firstly, it causes significant damage to your home. Mold growing within wall and floor boards slowly eats away at the wood, making it soft. This can directly effect the structural integrity of your home, resulting in costly repairs. However, the greatest hazard that mold presents, and the reason why professional mold detection is so important, is due to the disastrous effects those mold spores will have on your health. Just one square inch of mold releases millions of mold spores into the air, where you, your pets, and young children inhale them with every breath. This can cause asthma, exasperate respiratory conditions, cause rashes, and with long-term exposure black mold can cause chronic neurological impairment.


If there are any signs of water damage within your home, please do not hesitate to call our water damage company for Mold Detection in Wantagh, NY. We are available 24/7 and can respond quickly, saving your house and your health.