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Quality Mold Detection in Oyster Bay, NY


Mold is fungi that breaks down organic matter. It is found in the home anywhere there is enough darkness, moisture, and organic matter for it to thrive. Common places where mold thrive include carpet, paper, drywall, clothes, insulation and food. It is important to detect mold and eliminate it because some types of mold, such as black mold, can be toxic. Mold can also cause an allergic reaction. In fact, many people suffer from mold symptoms in the home and assume they have hay fever, colds or flu symptoms. Mold Detection in Oyster Bay, NY is very important.


The first sign of mold is flu or allergy symptoms. Inhalation of mold spores may cause sneezing, runny nose, and burning or itching eyes. Also difficulty breathing, wheezing and even hair loss. There are at least sixteen types of toxic molds, and they can have their own symptoms from confusion and difficulty concentrating to hallucinations and seizures. Mold can grow inside the lungs of the elderly and cause infections as well. To remove mold it is important to know where it grows. If mold is growing on a nonporous surface, simply wipe it away. Remove mold growing inside walls or in porous surfaces like drywall or clothes by replacing the damaged items. Drywall is high in cellulose and mold thrives in it. The damaged drywall must be cut away and replaced. Where there is moisture in a wall, there is likely to be mold. signs like peeling paint and bulging drywall are signs that mold may be present. Condensation from humidity and water leaks are common sources of water damage and mold.


Any leak from pipes and the roof must be repaired before mold can be removed. If leaks and moisture are not addressed, mold will come right back. Carpets can trap large amounts of dust, dirt and moisture and become havens for mold. Furniture and insulation can also become moldy under the right conditions. The more porous the material, the harder it is to remove mold. Mold can be prevented by removing moisture and reducing humidity. Bleach is a known killer of mold. Removing or minimizing spore activity can help reduce mold. Cleaning and keeping clothes dry will reduce mold. Remember to keep the house clean and dry. Also, sunlight and temperatures of seventy degrees or below will help prevent mold growth. Call us for Mold Detection in Oyster Bay, NY today.