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Reliable Flood Restoration in Bellmore, NY



The rain begins. It seems to be a normal day. But the gray skies linger and the raindrops continue. The puddle of water begins to grow and before long, your lawn looks like a lake. Then the unthinkable happens. The water accumulates and the flooding begins. The water level rises and your beloved property is in danger. Your land is covered and the water is approaching your door.


The flood begins. Water overtakes your property. And you are rendered helpless. You can’t stop mother nature. There is no stop button. You can not even pause it. The water ravishes your things. There is no time to prepare. It comes on unexpectedly and when you are a victim of storm surge or storm water drainage overflow, the water can rise to flood stage in less than an hour creating unimaginable flood damage.


Water comes in quickly, sweeping away your contents. When you return to your home you are in complete shock and awe. The refrigerator that was a solid appliance in your kitchen is toppled over and floated away from the wall by water force. Furniture is moved and scattered all around. Your carpet is soaked with water as a reminder of the flood. There is debris all throughout your home. The leaves that were outside in your yard are now in your living room. The dark dirty water that invaded your home has filled your bathtub. Every door and wall in your home has a solid line showing you how high the water entered. It is a nightmare, one you never imagined you would experience – flood damage. Call our Flood Restoration in Bellmore, NY to help get things back to normal.