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Reliable Mold Detection in Merrick, NY


Does your home or business suddenly have discolored stains on the walls or the ceiling? Have you noticed a sudden musty odor, or leaks? If you have then you might have just discovered the first signs of mold growth. What is mold anyway? There is a lot of media attention that says mold is hazardous to our health, but what is it really? It's a type of fungi, but while we use fungi to make bread rise and eat mushrooms, and we use some types of mold to make useful medicines like penicillin, which has proven itself as a life saving antibiotic, the mold that suddenly appears in our homes and businesses is not benign.


There are many different types of mold, both indoors and outdoors. You can usually find mold growing in damp, dimly lit areas - inside you can find it in basements or attics, crawl spaces and bathrooms. It's quite common in rooms where there is a leak, usually from a hole in the roof and rainwater manages to squeeze through the cracks. Mold Detection in Merrick, NY is vital if you've suddenly noticed discoloration on your walls or the ceiling and if there's a smell of damp. This is because the mold spores are very small, very light, and they can become airborne very easily. Not everyone exposed is susceptible to illnesses brought on by mold, but not everyone is immune - children, the elderly, pets, those with respiratory problems like asthma are dangerously susceptible. Some symptoms include headaches and sore throats, but infection of the lungs like bronchitis is a possibility.


While it is possible to simply buy a kit for mold detection so you can test for mold yourself and the samples can be sent to a testing laboratory it is better if you decide to use a professional mold detection company with experienced workers who know what they are looking for and can receive the results quickly. These professional mold detection companies would know how to perform air testing, bulk testing and surface testing for mold spores. We are that company. We would be more than happy to help you with Mold Detection in Merrick, NY and sort it out for you, and work with you to prevent it ever happening again.