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Reliable Water Damage Repair in Bethpage, NY



When your washing machine overflowed it flooded your laundry room, and hot, soapy water ran down the hall. Now you have a soggy carpet in the living room and the hallway in additions to having a very wet laundry area. You need to contact reputable Water Damage Repair in Bethpage, NY immediately to handle this problem. Waiting even a day or two can cause secondary damage like mold growth and delamination of the carpeting, increasing the cost of water damage repair and exposing your family to possibly hazardous substances and unhealthy air quality.


Homeowners may not realize that the water in your washing machine is considered contaminated. Because of the dirt, bodily fluids, and laundry products in the wash water, it is termed "gray water," and is more likely to become even more tainted as time goes by. The water that soaks your carpeting needs to be removed and the backing and fibers sanitized so that it will be safe for family and friends now and in the future. Our staff extensively trains in dealing appropriately with contaminated water and the damage it causes. This is not a situation the homeowner should manage without calling in the experts.


We are available 24 hours a day because water disasters do not wait. Just 48 hours is all it takes for mold to begin to grow on any surface that became wet because of the washer malfunction, so there is every reason to engage our services as soon as the disaster happens. We handle Water Damage Repair in Bethpage, NY, our goal returning your home to the condition it was in before the flooding. We will remove the water, dry the structure and contents like carpeting, drywall, subfloors, and more. To keep your out of pocket cost reasonable we also work with your insurance company.