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Response for Water Damage in Bellmore, NY


Water from leaking roofs, water pipes etc. can cause a great deal of damage. Many homeowners do not realize that there is a leak until they begin to smell a damp moldy smell in their homes. Once they investigate, walls and floors are damaged, sometimes even some of the furniture and cupboards are damaged beyond repair. How does this happen. A leaking pipe inside a wall or inside a bathroom cupboard for example can have a small leak develop. The water runs along the pipe sometimes for many feet and then falls onto the floor where it gradually penetrates through walls etc. The wood used in construction of our homes absorbs the water, begins to swell causing irreparable damage. Even the drywall on the walls will absorb moisture and need to be replaced once it is wet.


Water Damage in Bellmore, NY restoration is situations like this can require replacement of the floor, some of the walls and even cupboards that have become wet and damaged. While only a small area may be damaged, many homeowners with open concept homes want to have consistency throughout their homes. This can mean that all of the carpet in their home is replaced to avoid different dye lots and colors throughout the home. Repainting of walls may require the same approach.


Insurance companies will pay for much of the water damage repair depending on the coverage that is offered. Our professional water damage team will work with your home insurance company to arrange for repairs within the coverage you have. Many homeowners will arrange for additional renovations and water damage restoration to be completed at the same time. We can work with the homeowner to develop estimates and arrange for further work to be completed as needed. Give us a call now to arrange for repair of Water Damage in Bellmore, NY. We can respond within 24 hours to begin water damage restoration in your home.