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Restore with Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Bethpage, NY



Your furniture is an important addition to your home. The styles and patterns are a reflection of your unique taste and personality, giving life to your home. Your furniture is also a daily source of comfort. It's where you kick back after long, hard day at work; where you gather with your family to watch movies and relax; and it's where you curl up with a good book and enjoy your free time. But as much as you love your furniture, this use subjects your upholstery to wear and tear. Dirt from feet and clothing, food crumbs, and air born dust all slowly settle onto your upholstery and get worked within the fibers. Over time, this will cause discoloration of your upholstery and can even effect the air quality in your home. Those over priced at-home upholstery cleaning products just don't work, leaving stains or bleached white spots behind. The only practical solution to get your favorite furniture back to a like-new state is to call our Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Bethpage, NY.


With years of experience on our side, our cleaners will quickly restore your upholstery's beauty and vivid color. We'll carefully select targeted cleaning products that are designed for the exact type of upholstery you have. This ensures there is little chance of damage or discoloration while still effectively removing stubborn stains, mysterious odors, and accumulated dust, allergens, and dust mites.


We offer a range of upholstery cleaning packages, each with their own price points. We look forward to discussing with you which package best fits your needs and working with you to choose a time for your first Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Bethpage, NY that fits your busy schedule.