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The Right Water Restoration in Merrick, NY



There are many things that can cause water damage in your home. Many of these reasons have to do with being careless and some of them have to do with broken things. These broken things could be water heaters, faucets and/or, of course, leaking roofs. When you consider all of these things, as well as floods from a stream or river and all of that rain you had last year, there are a lot of things that require Water Restoration in Merrick, NY. The first step in all of the above situations is the removal of any water from the premises. This is conducted, by us, with powerful vacuum cleaning systems. These are composed of long hoses connected to units that are mounted on our truck, outside. This is to ensure that all of the water we remove, this dirty, contaminating water, is removed totally from your house and taken into our equipment.


An inspection will be conducted, while this is going on, to determine what damage is evident and how much is hidden. Since water will seek its own level and go wherever it can, it will go into closets, cabinets, enter into wood floors and through ceilings as well as get absorbed into wallboard. All of these surfaces must be looked at and we will not miss any of them as we search for dangers everywhere.


One of the things that a lot of water will help bring out is mold. That can grow anywhere and can take over you home within very few days if not hours. This is one of the many things we will be searching for. Finding some will get us into top gear as we work to remove every vestige of it. Not only do we physically remove it, we sanitize the area and treat to help prevent the mold from reinfection. Water Restoration in Merrick, NY is the act of returning your house back to you clean, safe and healthy again.