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Thorough Mold Detection in Rockville Centre, NY


Mold is a type of fungi that can pop up almost anywhere. However, one of the most concerning locations of mold is in a building. Mold forms in damp environments, such as on the tiles in a shower or the back of the refrigerator. These situations can easily be avoided. However, there is mold that forms in unpreventable ways. When your home is damaged by water, perhaps from a storm or a burst pipe, it can catch anyone off guard. Most people do not worry about mold until they can visibly see it, but by then the situation is already spiraling out of hand. Mold is dangerous when it’s indoors because the spores it releases are more concentrated and can cause breathing problems for individuals exposed to them.


The easy fix to this is Mold Detection in Rockville Centre, NY. There are a variety of at-home mold detection kits as well as professionals that will come and do a thorough search for mold. Using an at-home mold kit is not advisable because of inaccuracy and poor quality control. Mold kits usually do not have an expiration date, which means that the agar in the kit becomes exposed to bacteria and other contaminants when left too long. This could render the entire mold kit useless. Mold kits also need to be mailed to the laboratory for testing, which means that the kit may be subject to rough handling, extreme temperatures, or even exposure to water.


This is why hiring professionals to identify mold in your home or office is the advisable route. Catching mold early means that the clean-up will be less of a hassle, and it also keeps people safer. Call our Mold Detection in Rockville Centre, NY today.