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Thorough Water Damage Repair in Massapequa



That is a very interesting question and there is really only one answer to it. When you have a lot of water, all over your house, as this situation certainly can cause, you usually have a lot of water damage. It does not matter whether you have had a flood, a leaking roof or a burst pipe in the basement. It gets all over and begins to absorb into things that can absorb it. Now, these things are wallboard, which will swell and can come crashing down, wood floors, which can cause wet or dry rot and certainly discolored surfaces, in the short term or wooden furniture which can swell, break down or even fall apart. For all of those reasons, true water damage repair does take a lot of work.


Our professional Water Damage Repair in Massapequa technicians have been trained to be as thorough in finding and eliminating water as the water has been in infecting your home. This starts with an inspection that gets everywhere, from top to bottom, especially the bottom, as that is where water likes to go. The special equipment we use will help us find the least amount of water or moisture hidden behind walls, above ceilings and below floors. The removal of the water will help prevent the growth of molds, the air circulation, made possible by the large fans, will help freshen the air and remove any of that earthy, moldy smell that is common in this situation. The removal of any building materials that have become so contaminated they are unable to be cleaned properly is also something that must be done to help prevent re-infection by molds, and some other allergens.


Setting up the air movers or fans, moving all of the equipment in that allows us to locate the water, along with any molds, removing the water not only the standing water but also the hidden stuff, takes time and experience that other companies just do not have. Yes, there is a lot of work to Water Damage Repair in Massapequa, but we make it look so easy!