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Top Carpet Cleaning Services in Westbury, NY


The holidays are fast approaching and having a clean home is important for entertaining guests. Your home should look it’s best. A decent looking home starts with decent looking floors. You can have a well – organized home that is clean from top to bottom. However, if your flooring is grimy, dirty or has holes in it; then it won’t make a difference. People pay attention to flooring. This is especially true if you have carpeting. Professional carpet cleaners understand the importance of clean carpets and rugs. Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Westbury, NY utilizes the best techniques that will have your floor sparkling like a jewel. Let’s take a closer look at the carpet cleaning processes that we can use to make your floors look new.


Steam cleaning is one of the most common carpet cleaning processes on the market today. This process requires technicians to utilize high-pressure water into a rug and then extract the water out of fibers. When the water is sucked out the dirt and grime is also removed. The results from this process is a clean and fresh-looking floor. The dry extraction process uses a power brushing unit to place a foam-like solution into your rug. Once this solution is worked into your carpet’s fibers, it will then encapsulate (or enclose) the dirt particles. The foam substance is then vacuumed out of the rug. The dirt is lifted out with it. This method uses the least amount of water or moisture.


Other common types of carpet cleaning techniques include dry (or powder) carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning and encapsulation. These processes are safe and beneficial for your flooring. They ae also effective for making your home look great for the holidays. Call our Carpet Cleaning Services in Westbury, NY for a free quote today!