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Top Mold Detection in Seaford, NY


Water damage can be caused by different sources of water at homes and in businesses. A plumbing leak or a leaking roof creates moisture which generates and allows mold to breed. Mold spread very quickly and they produce irritants and allergens that are a health hazard and it also damages your property. Our company has a 24 hours response if you detect mold in your office or at home. Our experts inspect and assess your home or business and using advanced equipment they detect hidden sources of moisture that provides breeding conditions for the molds.


Mold spores are everywhere; indoors and outdoors. When exposed to water and moisture, they grow very rapidly. Higher indoor humidity can also lead to growth of mold. It is therefore important to first address any sources of a leak to be able to deal with the mold. Mold produces strong musty odor which can help identify areas infested by the mold. Molds are almost everywhere and it is almost impossible to totally get rid of them. It is, however, important to call professionals immediately you suspect or detect a mold. This will help prevent the growth and spread of the mold while reducing your health risk and the damage of your property.


Inspect for visible signs of mold. Check hidden sources of water leakage. Prevent the spread of mold. Use of air filtration equipment, air scrubbers, and vacuums to prevent spread of mold spores and creation of new mold colonies. This captures microscopic mold spores out of air. Use of antimicrobial and antifungal treatment methods to remove mold colonies, and prevent new mold formation. The method used depends on the type of material or surfaces on which the mold appears. Also, the extent of the mold growth. Cleaning all items and materials affected by the mold. In case of heavy mold growth, it is important to get rid or dispose of the mold-infested material. Our Mold Detection in Seaford, NY is the best around.