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Top Mold Detection in Seaford, NY


Damp basements, water leaks and floods can quickly cause mold to develop within your home. If you suspect that there is a mold problem in your home, don’t hesitate, have it investigated immediately. Mold comes in a variety of forms. In all cases it can cause further damage and discoloration to walls and flooring. Some mold will also cause environmental issues especially for people who have asthma and bronchitis. Mold Detection in Seaford, NY can be accomplished by our professional water damage company. We can first of all arrange to measure the mold level in your home to determine if it exceeds limits for healthy air quality. Depending on the readings, our team can investigate further to determine the cause and prepare recommendations on removal and repair.


If there is a leak of some kind, this should be repaired immediately. Water damage can be extensive in addition to causing mold spores to float in the air in your home. Carpets can be cleaned and dried. Sometimes the stains from the glues in the carpet and the support floor underneath cannot be removed. In cases like this we would recommend that the entire carpet be replaced.


It is extremely important for those people with environmental sensitivities to mold that all sources of mold be removed. If there is any doubt about drying a wall or a carpet, replace it. While the surface of the wall may appear to be dry, the material behind the wall can still be wet and a source of mold. Our experienced technicians can investigate and explain all of the potential sources of mold to you. If you suspect that you have a mold problem somewhere in your home, call our team today to make arrangements for Mold Detection in Seaford, NY. We can respond within 24 hours and prepare recommendations and quotations for your consideration.