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Top Water Damage Restoration in Massapequa, NY



If your sewer line backs up into your basement you have a crisis on your hands. The water and debris that fills your lower level must be removed from your home, and quickly. You must find a company that offers a 24 hour response and has the trained staff and equipment to complete a successful water damage restoration in your home. Especially when the water is contaminated with sewage, a clear example of infectious waste, you need to have highly qualified help to clear this hazardous substance from your home.


Our staff is ready and capable of providing you with effective water damage repair. We have the pumps, water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers necessary to get the water out, Most importantly, our staff continuously trains in industry standards and techniques that remove water fast and restores your home and its contents to their pre-loss condition. We know how to establish drying targets and how to inspect the area for secondary damage like mold and wood rot. The crew sent to your house will use scientific measurements of moisture to make decisions on when the affected areas are ready to be enjoyed by you and your family again.


Do not be tempted to try to clean up a sewer backup by yourself. People working with the sewage must take precautions, including wearing protective equipment and following professional protocols, to pump out the water and waste and then clean and dry out the area. Because of the dangerous substances in the water, you need staff who know how to evaluate what items can be cleaned and sanitized and what items need to be removed and discarded. Finally, walls, ceilings, and floors must receive proper Water Damage Restoration in Massapequa, NY.