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Top Water Damage Restoration in Merrick, NY


When your floors are water damaged you may feel like all you have to do is mop up the moisture and wait for the areas to air dry. Although some types of flooring can recover with this simple approach, most floors require a more intensive plan. Hardwood flooring, in particular, can sustain permanent damage if the proper steps are not taken. Give us a call if you notice your hardwood floor is warped or buckling and we will work with you to ensure it is restored to pre-loss condition. We provide top quality Water Damage Restoration in Merrick, NY.


It is very important to have both the hardwood layer and the subflooring dried out to proper moisture levels. Doing this without professional water damage restoration equipment is almost impossible. We have floor drying mats, high power air movers, and heavy duty dehumidifiers that will pull the moisture out of both the top and bottom layers of your hardwood floor. When moisture is allowed to remain in the subflooring the decorative hardwood layer will continue to wick up water. This will cause continuous damage to your expensive floors, and can also result in long term health consequences due to mold growth.


Contact as soon as possible after your hardwood floors have been flooded with water. Speed is critical in these cases as the wood swells and can experience effects like cupping and crowning that are difficult to remedy even after the wood dries out. When we arrive, we will assess the situation and get the moisture moving out of the area as soon as possible. Our technicians use many proven strategies to remove water from your floor and then to repair and restore the water damage done. We have 24 hour Water Damage Restoration in Merrick, NY and pledge to send a highly qualified team to your home fast.