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Water Damage Restoration in Levittown NY



It may be a hidden problem that you do not even notice until a musty smell alerts you, but Water Damage Restoration in Levittown NY by a professional will be necessary after your dishwasher springs a leak. Because a built-in dishwasher is buried within the cabinets surrounding it a cracked water line to or from your dishwasher can drip water for quite some time before you notice there is a problem. Because the saturated materials of the cabinets and the flooring block natural air flow once the source of the water damage is discovered our technicians will need to use creative methods to dry out the area.


Water Damage Restoration in Levittown NY is usually preferable to water damage repair as it typically is less disruptive for the homeowner. If we are able we will extract as much water as possible using specialized equipment that suctions the water out. Our team then position powerful air movers to dry the cabinet areas, checking frequently to see that moisture is reduced to the levels recommenced by industry standards. As wooden cabinets can buckle and warp we will take care to observe for this as the process is completed. If the water damages the wood we will discuss with you methods to repair it.


If the leak was present for some time it is possible that appropriate Water Damage Restoration in Levittown NY may include mold remediation. Whenever our staff finds mold growth we follow EPA developed procedures to ensure that the infestation is contained. Disinfection will be attempted but if we discover wood rot we may need to remove some structures as the microbial activity can destroy the integrity and strength of the cabinetry. If water damage is not restored properly mold growth can recur, a situation that may imperil the health of you and your family.