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Water Damage Restoration in Seaford, NY


Leaking water pipes, broken windows, leaking roofs, and floods, can all cause significant water damage in your home. In some situations, leaking water pipes can do a lot of damage before the home owner even realizes it. Carpets are ruined, water in the walls ruins the drywall and even furniture can be damaged. Floods can cause catastrophic damage to almost everything in your home. Regardless of the type and magnitude of water damage your dealing with our professional water damage company can respond within 24 hours to help get your home or business back to normal. The first step for homeowners to stop the water leak. If the water pipes are leaking turn the main water valve off. If the roof is leaking, arrange for a roofer to repair the roof. The window should be repaired if it is broken?


The next step is to begin Water Damage Restoration in Seaford, NY. That’s where our company comes in. We will respond within 24 hours, assess the situation and then work with your family and your insurance company to begin repairing all of the damage. Depending on the amount of damage, rugs can be dried or replaced. Hardwood floors can be removed and new floors installed.


If the drywall on the wall has been compromised, new drywall can be installed and painted. Our objective is to bring your home back to its condition before the water damage occurred. Insurance companies may have limits on what they will pay for depending on the type of insurance they provide. We will work with the insurance company to meet all of their requirements. If you decide you want additional work completed at the same time we can do that as well. Call us now to get the Water Damage Restoration in Seaford, NY work started in your home. Don’t wait, where there is water mold tends to follow.