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Water Damage Restoration in Wantagh, NY


When water floods through your home you may be particularly worried about the harm that appears under your feet. Carpeting, hardwood, tile, laminate, and more types of floors and floor coverings take the brunt of water damage. Restoration is preferred because these are essential parts of your home's or business's structure. Having to rip out and do water damage repair is more disruption, but may be needed if the damage is profound. Working with your insurance coverage, if available, will also inform your decision on whether to restore or replace. Often we suggest the best course is to do a little bit of both.


Carpeting naturally absorbs massive quantities of water, as does the pad beneath it. Our Water Damage Restoration in Wantagh, NY is trained in removing the water and then setting and achieving further moisture reduction goals. If your carpeting is wet call for professional assistance immediately as mold can begin growth in 24 to 48 hours. A moldy carpet is likely to need replacement but we can have good results drying out rugs that have not yet passed the microbial infestation timeline. Usually, we remove and replace the padding because it is difficult to dry and will keep the area wet.


Hardwood floors can tolerate some water, but if left too long they can warp, buckle, cup, and crown. We have special extractors to remove the water, including drying mats that lay on the surface and pull from underneath. Wood must have its moisture content reduced to 12 percent or lower before refinishing so it can take a few weeks to get them back to normal. Tile floors hand water well unless the grout or joints are cracked. We may move a few to get airflow underneath. Laminates can recover with quick action, but they also suffer damage if left too long. Often we can replace sections and restore others. Our Water Damage Restoration in Wantagh, NY is the best option for you.