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Water Damage in Bellmore, NY


The consequence of water damage is severe. Typically caused by poor ventilation or water leakage, mold and corrosion won't be immediately apparent but are significant risks toward the structural integrity of your property. Perhaps the most notable hindrance to your home or business is the structural damage that can be caused by poor water retention. With excess liquid becoming stagnant between walls and seeping into material rot and erosion of the property becomes inevitable. The resolve to this problem can be both laborious, costly and time-consuming, with the potential to demand reconstruction of the damaged areas.


In spite of the cause, Water Damage in Bellmore, NY can lead to major health concerns. Not only can the growth of mold become detrimental to pre-existing conditions but have also been found to bear correlation with respiratory track symptoms and profound irritation to the skin and eyes. The most vulnerable space in the home is what can be considered "crawl space". This tends to be the inaccessible crevices at the site; the girders, floor joists and sill plates. However, this does not leave the damage undetectable. The warning signs of mold, whilst slow to appear, are very simple.


Firstly, mod in the home has a very particular and pungent odor. This strong smell will typically be restricted to a small section of the property and will persist and worsen until the mold is removed. A far more immediate method of identifying this problem is physically seeing it. This may not seem likely as mold is often found between walls or under wallpaper, but a thorough search of damp areas with low levels of ventilation will certainly yield results. If this is this found, fast acting professional Water Damage in Bellmore, NY should be sought.