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Water Restoration in Hicksville, NY


Water damage restoration is essential for a wide range of problems related to water incursions into your home or business. Many time people think they can simply ignore the problem and it will go away. This is not true as water causes serious damage to your building's structure and contents. A mop up and the hope that things will just dry out on their own is not a strategy that protects your property appropriately. We have the special equipment and the trained staff ready and waiting to help your water damage repair job.


A subtle but devastating problem is when a hidden, slow leak begins depositing water in an unseen area of your property. This can happen between walls, in the attic, under a sink, near an appliance like a washer or ice maker, and more. That water soaks into an swells wood framing, creating a condition known as dry rot, and can severely damage the integrity of your building. This kind of hidden water damage often comes to your attention because mold also begins to grow. If you smell a musty odor, even without seeing any overt evidence of water damage, call our Water Restoration in Hicksville, NY right away because where there is this kind of aroma, there is almost always water damage.


You need professional help to remediate the damage done by water. Our Water Restoration in Hicksville, NY uses powerful, industrial strength pumps and extractors to get rid of the water. We also have high-efficiency air movers to dry out areas after the visible water is gone. It is crucial also that moisture measurements of structural elements are taken to provide proper drying goals. Only when the area has moisture content within normal limits can you safely begin to enjoy your home or use your business as before.