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Winter Flood Damage in Bellmore, NY 11710


With all the variations many areas are seeing in typical weather patterns it may become more common to need a flood response even after snow and ice have piled up. Streams and rivers still have running water beneath a frozen surface, and more liquid precipitation can cause them to overflow banks, sending freezing water into your basement . Rain is more prevalent after snow and ice has clogged city storm sewers. Water unable to make its way though a sanitary system that is backed up can find its way back into your home, flooding your lower levels.


The last thing you thought you needed to prepare for in the colder months was flood damage, but we have you covered. Give us a call and we will send out an inspector quickly to assess the situation and create a plan to mitigate the Flood Damage in Bellmore, NY. Our staff is prompt and professional, and we will work with you tirelessly until the flood water is removed and your damaged structure and contents are remediated. We are licensed and bonded, very experienced with the damage flooding can do to your residence any time of the year.


Flood Damage in Bellmore, NY response times need to be quick to avoid collateral damage. Even if the water entering your home is relatively clean it just takes a matter of hours before microbial growth can begin. Solid surfaces may be able to withstand the incursion of water without permanent damage but many building materials are porous as are most of the contents and personal belongings in your home. Your need a firm that can remove the water as well as attend to the issues water saturation leaves. Our technicians are trained in a variety of methods to reclaim your property after flood damage, properly and according to applicable building codes.