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You Need Flood Response in Manhasset


The words flood damage mean a lot of things happening all at one time. The actual flood can come from an actual river or stream. It can come about because of a leaking roof or a bad faucet that simply will not shut off. It also could be a burst pipe, down in the basement that has been leaking for a few hours or a few days. The damage part is what is the result of this water coming in and that is what we concentrate on for you. As you can imagine, this type of damage can happen fairly quickly, often before you know it since many of these events happen in hidden places where you usually do not have eyes all of the time. That means when you finally do see this water coming in, you have to act fast and we have to act faster, which we want to do.


The water, regardless of where it came from, will get into everywhere it can. It will seek its own level, so it will go down through the ceilings, down the walls, often inside of them and rest on the lowest level it can find. That is if it enters your home in an upper floor. Flood damage begins right there. It can absorb into the building materials, such as drywall, wood floors, wood molding and wood furniture. All of these items can swell because of this and many of them can not be cleaned thoroughly enough to save them,


The Flood Response in Manhasset we provide will begin as quickly after you call us as possible because we know that the longer this unwanted water stays inside your home, the more damage it can cause. We begin by removing all of the water with powerful vacuums and getting the air freshened up through air fresheners dehumidifiers and large air movers that get rid of the bad air out of the closest windows. An inspection for any damaged items will result in many things to clean, remove and dispose of and sanitizing of all surfaces fro a clean, safe and healthy home again.