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You Need Mold Detection in Bethpage, NY


People go through living their lives without ever having to worry about what's under their house or in between their walls. Mold is sneaky and can cause your house damage or even worse cause illness. Common symptoms are headaches, swollen body parts, daily regurgitation and more. What's bad is that it won't show up as a symptom when you go to the doctors since the mold is at your house. Here are a couple of things you should know about Mold Detection in Bethpage, NY.


Mold gets built up in homes that have nice ventilation with water. Some examples of things that cause moisture would be dishwashers and washing machines. Once mold starts to develop, it silently disperses spores into the air that can lay dormant for around fifty years. Out of the hundreds of thousands of molds, only 50 are toxic but they all feed off of the moisture from drywall, wood, fabric and wallpaper. Before the visual signs like bubbling wallpaper and bumps in the wall, you'll notice a musty smell. That smell is a sign that you need to get someone to find and remove all the mold. Studies from doctors and scientists show that one in every three people are susceptible to being infected. Young children, people with asthma and other ailments, and old people develop more serious injuries. Other than health risks, having mold in your home drastically lowers the cost of your home. There's no insurance policies for mold and real estate agents don't go anywhere them since they're likely to never sell.


If you don’t know or think that you have mold, you should call someone to take care of it right away. If you need help with Mold Detection in Bethpage, NY then head on over to the Emergency Water Company office or website today.